How do you learn?

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How do you learn?

Post: # 577Post ZandraJoi »

Do you learn best with a video without audio, or one with audio? Do you prefer someone showing you step by step, working with you all the way? Or one that just lets you figure it out on your own?
I thought of this question after viewing some tutorials that didn't have audio (only music). I learn best when I can see it AND hear how they are doing it, step by step. Ideally, I'd like someone to be right next to me, showing me the ropes, correcting my errors as I make them. I learn better when I learn the RIGHT way at the beginning.

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Re: How do you learn?

Post: # 579Post KMO Studio »

I learn best by first reading the pattern/instructions and then if it's really complicated then I'll watch a quick video for the parts I don't get. I don't like a lot of talking and prefer to just see the process.

When I was sewing memory bears I did the process right along with the video because I didn't want to mess up my fabric.

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Re: How do you learn?

Post: # 708Post marteebee »

For me, I prefer a step-by-step visual tutorial. Videos are nice, and give me a sort of overall view of what I need to do/expected end product but it's a pain for me to keep pausing, listening again and so on so I always tend to default to webpages and such which offer step-by-step with pictures. I do that and skim some videos alongside it to see how they do things quickly/how it looks .

Just like you though Zandra, having someone next to me talking me/showing me through it would be the ideal thing!

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