Do you enjoy interacting with people as you sell?

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Do you enjoy interacting with people as you sell?

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Do you enjoy interacting with people as you sell at craft shows/festivals or your own shop?

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Re: Do you enjoy interacting with people as you sell?

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While I haven't sold crafts, I do make lotion balms & lipglosses & have sold them at shows or our garage sales. I'm not a people person really, an introvert, but if I'm in my element talking 'bout something that's dear to me, I find I interact quite well.

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Re: Do you enjoy interacting with people as you sell?

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Sometimes. A lot of people are really interesting but a few are just outright annoying.

When someone sees me selling photography and insists on showing me Every. Single. Photo. on their phone, most of which are badly exposed and badly focused, it can be a struggle not to ask them to please stop bothering me and go away. And then there are the ones who ask the price of something and act like they misheard it, like the guy who asked the price of my 17x11 print in a solid metal frame ($80), offered me a $20 and claimed he thought I said $18. Yeah, like you can even buy a junky Chinese made frame with no print at Walmart for that kind of money. But then he decided to act like I was the (expletive) for "charging so much". You know buddy, if you can't afford it just say so.

But for every one of those there are many of the kind of people who come by, look at stuff, buy something, and then come back at another craft show to buy some more.

I remember one year we did a few craft shows in the same place, with the same people at the next stand across. They were a really nice couple - she absolutely adored one of my prints in particular. Every single time she went for a walk, when she returned I'd be adjusting something drawing over-exaggerated attention to the print she liked. At the end of the final show of the season I had a single copy of the print left, so I offered her a huge discount on it and she practically took my hand off.

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