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Most people have played with Play-Doh when they were kids. I find, just like with adult coloring books, adults are bringing out their inner kid.
I’ve seen many recipes out there & they are basically the same. What I appreciate the most is that this doesn’t crumble like the name brand. We’ve all had that happen where even when we put the lid on tight, put it in a ziploc bag, it just dries out too easily.
She even has a Gluten-Free one using baking soda & cornstarch. Some people with gluten intolerance find that even topically gluten can affect them. That is the one I would make. From what she said, the Gluten-Free does dry out faster (I had wondered about that) but that you simply heat it up with a bit of water to be good as new.
Squishing it between your fingers, mashing it down, you wouldn’t believe how effective this cheap stress reliever is.

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Re: PlayDough

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I always loved how my nephew used to watch some of the videos specific to the dough based vegetables, fruits, and other items. You can check out the below tutorial that you may want to check if you like some items similar.

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