Homemade vs Shop-bought Cards

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Homemade vs Shop-bought Cards

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When a festive season comes around, or you are celebrating a special occasion with a friend/relative, do you prefer to make your own cards for them, or buy them from a shop?

I recently began to deviate from the normal shop-bought path, by ordering from Moonpig which does custom cards, but soon grew tired of the limited customisation and quite steep fees. This Christmas I began to explore creating my own gift-cards and find it a lot more creative.

What about you? Do you buy pre-made cards or try and make your own?

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Re: Homemade vs Shop-bought Cards

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I usually buy store bought but that's because they're easier to send through the mail than some of the homemade ones that have some glued on details.

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Re: Homemade vs Shop-bought Cards

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My aunt (who sadly passed away a few years back) really enjoyed making her own cards.

..it seems like a pretty good way to recycle - if only I had the time to spend doing it! :lol:
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Re: Homemade vs Shop-bought Cards

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When I was younger, I used to make homemade cards for my parents. But nowadays I just buy shop-bought cards. It's just easier especially as most people I know don't really care about cards that much

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Re: Homemade vs Shop-bought Cards

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I haven’t given cards in a long time. We don’t do gifts either. We just gift the “time” spent with a loved one. But to answer this, I preferred making my own. I did that since I was a kid. I’d write a nice poem, create it for the individual, make it one of a kind. My husband also used to make his own cards. While I was more on the written aspect, he does the art.

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