Beer Table

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Beer Table

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Okay, it's only called a Beer Table because my daughter made it for my husband to set his beer on when he's out in his man cave in our garage.

The story behind this piece is that my husband likes to sit in the garage with the service door open where he can look out into the back field where a lot of wildlife hang out (deer, foxes, ground hogs). He had no place to set his beer so he would use an upside down bucket!

My daughter does woodworking and had some pieces leftover from cutting boards she had made and I asked her if she could make a table using them. She said, "Yes!" But then she went out and bought more wood so it turned out to be more expensive than the free table I had in mind. But it's gorgeous!

I don't know how many different types of wood there are or what they are but the inside center has the scraps from the cutting boards and we filled it with expoxy to make it level.


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Re: Beer Table

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That looks really quite professional.. Almost too good to be a beer table!

I hope you've crafted him some beer mats.. ;)
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