Basket weaving

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Basket weaving

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She uses #2 round reed for her baskets. It’s a smaller one that’s good for small produce such as garlic or onions. A way for the produce to get air circulating so they last longer.
I have a hanging basket made of metal but we have also bought wooden ones to store our veggies in.
What do you use baskets for?

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Re: Basket weaving

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That looks really lovely. I wonder how much it costs for the supplies?

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Re: Basket weaving

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I remember when I was in school, we did basket weaving for crafts and it was a lot of fun but very fiddly indeed. You do need a lot of patience to be able to do this but they do come out cute looking and would be great for say Easter baskets.

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Re: Basket weaving

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@KMO Studio Nothing if you know where to look and spend a bit of time foraging.

Basket weaving is neat though because it has to be one of the oldest tools used by humans along with flint knives, charcoal, and fire sticks. It's incredibly practical and can be done with materials you find out in fields and forests with a little knowledge too.

I primarily use them for carrying stuff that's too large to fit into my bandoler and satchel when I'm out doing the whole foraging thing. often with a handbook to identify edible plants in the largest pouch on my bandolier for referencing.
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