How to make Huggie Earrings

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How to make Huggie Earrings

Post: # 1573Post KMO Studio »

The examples in the video aren't as refined as some other polymer clay earring videos, but this shows the process of making the huggie kind.

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Re: How to make Huggie Earrings

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You make it look so easy! I’m gonna try to recreate them but I know it’s going to turn out like mush lol

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Re: How to make Huggie Earrings

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Those are cool! I never heard of Huggie Earrings. But I also don't wear earrings anymore lol
Having several in different colors to match your outfit would be awesome. I don't know if I'd like to do the small flowers like she did at 5:50 as it seems so intricate! However, the end result seemed to be worth it!

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