Crafts for women's Christian group?

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Crafts for women's Christian group?

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What kind of crafts are easy to make at a woman's Christian group that can be given to shut ins?

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Re: Crafts for women's Christian group?

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What immediately came to mind for me was maybe using some fabric with scripture to make throw pillows or a blanket? I've seen some really nice fabric like this at Hobby Lobby.

I imagine being shut ins or those that have extreme case of agoraphobia the thought of leaving the house can be terrifying. I'm not like that myself but I know that I always love receiving blankets and pillows.
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Re: Crafts for women's Christian group?

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Soap is universal & is used by all. Can have different fragrances that can appeal to both men & women.
Another is lotion balms & lipglosses. They are truly easy to make. I repurpose 4 oz. glass jars & put my lotion balms in them. I like simplicity so mine are the same recipe, just two ingredients: olive oil & beeswax. It becomes a lipgloss when you put it in the tube lol Especially great for winter care & the elderly as it's all natural.

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