Make your own luxury candle - looks fab!

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Make your own luxury candle - looks fab!

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I've always loved having a candle/incense around the house just to give it a nice smell or just to see the flame flickering, it's quite relaxing. I've been looking recently into making my own candles - mainly just to have a go - and I came across this YouTube tutorial. I know it's Americanised (I'm a Brit!) but it seems to be a good little intro to making a slightly more luxury style of candle. I'm going to try and get my hands on a few bits and have a go in the future.

Has anyone here made their own candles before? What was the process like?

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Re: Make your own luxury candle - looks fab!

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I made a beeswax candle using Citronella Essential Oil. It was quite easy. Hardest part was melting the wax; was time consuming. I make lotion balms & lipglosses but only use a fraction of the wax that is needed for candles. I made a big candle & for the cost of the organic wax vs what I could buy an organic one already made, I didn't come out ahead lol It worked but hindsight, I should've added in a bit more Citronella.

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