Taiwan Circling Swirl Soap

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Taiwan Circling Swirl Soap

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This is a cold process to make soap and please pay attention to Lye warnings.

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Re: Taiwan Circling Swirl Soap

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I think getting the swirl perfect on each soap is a skill at the final processing time. I am sure people would be buying for that exact swirl. But looks good to me.

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Re: Taiwan Circling Swirl Soap

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Going from the Marble soap thread, had to view this one. Oh my gosh! The colors are Gorgeous! The Marble one, the swirls were unique but this one she made them to be the same. How did she do it? You definitely need a steady hand for that. My hand would be shaking too much because I'd be too anxious trying to get it 'just right'!
A tip, for those who make soaps or even if you don't & have those leftover slivers, put them in a nylon sock, tie it off. It's a way to extend the soap. My husband actually loves it because it gives a bit of an exfoliation. Don't use dark nylons though; they'll bleed through.

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