Torn jeans

Lord Saru

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I have a jeans that I want to work on and transform into a torn jeans, mainly near the knees and a little near mid thight. I am particularly scared if I would end up destroying the whole things since I am doing it for th first time.

Any of you experienced lot has some tips for medicore people like me? Is working on jeans hard? Or is it more easier than it sounds?.
I've never mended holes in the knees for jeans except to use a patch. I'm not sure if there are other ideas, but holey jeans are very popular now.
People pay good money for new jeans that look old lol It's so unreal! They love the lived in look.
[mention]Lord Saru[/mention] have you found a way to patch up your jeans? Or perhaps you thought of another option.
Does anybody else have torn jeans? What do you do with them?
Torn jeans and jeans with holes in are definitely more popular now than I ever knew them to be when I was younger. I guess the only thing you would need to worry about creating torn jeans yourself would be any kind of fraying of the jeans where you cut them and tore them.

Two ways I know you can prevent them from fraying are to use super glue on the areas that may fray or use a lighter and burn the areas where it may fray a little so that fraying does not occur.