Free Online Cross Stitch Chart Maker

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I found this free online cross stitch chart maker that can convert your pictures into a chart. For fun, I put my photograph onto there to see what would happen. I had to mess with the slider bars to get it to look good and if I were to actually do this cross stitch craft, it would end up 18"x18" using Aida 11 count fabric. WAYYYY too big. (11"x11" with 18 count fabric) I can't even imagine the amount of hours to do it. But it CAN be done, and that's the point. Choose a simpler picture is my advice.

Here's the link to the chart maker:

And BTW, you can use it to chart other things too besides cross stitch!

Here's a snip of my photo charted:
My mum uses something similar to turn her pictures into cross-stitch patterns. Unfortunately, she struggles now due to pain in her hands but has found a way to do the same thing for diamond art which she is enjoying doing.

I would love to get back to cross-stitching myself when I can.
This sounds like a cool project! Be great for a personalized gift. Maybe for a birthday or anniversary. Pictures are one thing but to create it FROM a picture would be an ideal gift.
Who has tried this & what did you think? What would you do differently?
Do any of you have pictures to share with the rest of us?