Floor mats

Lord Saru

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Recently, I came across a shop that sells floormats made of clothes made from discarded cloth materials. Its sponsored by an orphanage whose inmates make these items from unusable clothes that people donate.

It became a big trend after a local high official endorsed it and started using them for all her needs in the government living quaters.

Mine is a bit old but this is what we use all over our house.
I forgot all about these!! My mom and her sisters used to make these back in the 1970s and we had them all over our house. I wonder if I have enough scraps around here to make one. Thanks for sharing that, it really brings back good memories :)
I think more facilities should make better use of not only inmates' time but kids, & nursing homes as well. & if somebody isn't into i.e. crochet, there's other strengths they can work on instead.