Using pallets


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The bench is a great one to sit & enjoy the outdoors. Can even admire your vertical garden! While we never had the need for a vertical garden (we have acreage & plenty of space). It’s a great idea for those who have limited outdoor space yet want to get more bang for their buck. I know some people who do herbs & veggies as well.
The bench is something I'd love to have out by my garden. Sometimes I need to sit a while after doing some work.
I do like the vertical pallet. That would look awesome in my garden especially during spring and summer when the flowers are blooming. Would be a good way to add colour to your garden.
Now this is a good way to repurpose wood from a old pallet! I work in a factory and I wonder if I could ask to take some old broken pallets home to possibly make a bench once we get some concrete down in our backyard. I could have the bench in the backyard and my spouse and I could enjoy the weather!