Sewing class

Shy Guy

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Did anyone ever take a class on how to sew? I remember in Home Economics we had to learn, I wasn't that good. :D :lol:
I remember taking sewing classes in school. The subject was studied as a GCSE, and it was known as Textiles. I was never really that great at any of the work, practical or theory.
I have never done any external class. Learned to sew and do papercraft at school and that is the skill that I still do remember. I have to take class which I do assume at some point would come in handy for various sewing specific skills.
I took sewing as part of Home-Ec in high school. I was not good at it at all! My husband is good at sewing & has tried teaching me simple things but for some reason, I can't get the hang of it.
Yes of course. I took both online and offline classed on learning how to sew. It was taught me in college too and we had practical classes for it as well.
I took one online then before getting help from a friend that owns a tailoring company. Both experiences helps me become better at what I do.