Sewing a slipcover for a couch


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This is something I’d like to have on our couch. We use blankets & sheets otherwise the fur just sticks to the couch’s material. Easier to shake out & wash a blanket than try to vacuum the couch! You never get all the fur off. It’d be best if we had a slipcover so I thought it be a great idea to post here.
Any of you use one? Have you made one before?
I bought a slipcover from Amazon and love it. There's no way I'd attempt to sew one after the hassle of sewing Roman Shades recently. I think it's a lot of material to have to buy? But it's easy to wash, so that's a plus!
It even prevents the couch from getting dirty too quickly. I have it on all my couch and to be very honest, it makes the living room very beautifully decorated.