Sew a tissue holder

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I would like to make this tissue holder for my purse. The last time I had a tiny bag of tissues, they got all nasty and these would keep things clean.
These are pretty nifty. In all honesty, this would be something my church could use. They have tissues near each row of seats, so making one that would match the church's color would definitely be great. I will check into this and see if I can attempt to do something like this. Thank you for sharing.
Those are actually super cute and would be great to carry a small pack of tissues around in and keep them safe and clean. These actually remind me of something my Grandma made once and that was a holder for tablets so that you could keep your tablet device safe in a holder. It's amazing what you could make to keep things safe.
I'm thinking these could be used for other things that are small & dry. Even holding papers. Receipts. Store lists.
Who has tried making them? Have you used them for something other than tissue? Do you give them away as gifts?