Pocket Bags


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There are some interesting pocket bag designs that you can see on the pinterest. I am pretty much sure that etsy shops are into selling these type as well. Have any one of you have tried those sort of designs?

These look so adorable and with so many areas to store things, they would be perfect for days out to carry small essential things like hand sanitizer, mobile phone, tissues and even antibacterial wipes. You could make so many different designs as well.
Hmm... I wonder how difficult it would be to add a zipper to the largest pocket or fasteners to the outer pockets?

Was trying to figure out a larger storage or messenger bag type thing for the back of the utility harness/bandolier/band-o-gear.
I love pockets! I don't get shorts or pants without them! I like having somewhere to put things lol Plus I have paper & pencil with me so I can jot down notes.
A bag, a purse, is no different. The more the pockets, the more organized one can be. I see bags that are just one big hole & I've also seen women rifling through them trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack!