Natural dyes for eggs


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When I was younger, we had bought the kit to dye our eggs. That was a big thing for us. Never considered using natural dyes. If I had kids, I’d think more on it because I think it’d be quite fun!
There are many sites but they pretty much utilize the same ingredients. Cabbage, onion skins, beets.
Has anybody tried natural dyes? What worked for you? Any good tips on how to prevent staining everything else BUT the egg? lol
Whenever we would dye eggs when I was a kid for an Easter competition in school, we would always use food colouring to dye the eggs. Never thought to use natural colouring from things like red cabbage or even beetroot. These kind of foods dye quite easily I know from getting it on clothes lol. I might have to give this a try next time I dye eggs.