Hydroponics Home Decor


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There seems to be increase in the demand of the hydroponics lately. A lot of people who can't have the garden outside are making use of this sort of the design. So for the people who want designs like this they can definitely do it at home. I found a lot of pinterest pins and the youtube on topic but thought the below would briefly touch the topic.

This idea would also keep the wildlife out for the critters that are close to the ground! Deer would still be able to access it though so that could be a slight problem. I had to put a fence around my garden yesterday because the deer were trampling my dirt mounds that had the seeds!
I am very much interested in installing a hydroponic system in my house. I have watched the instructions number of times yet I have no confidence to build it myself.
Hydroponics are definitely becoming the 'in' thing. I don't think it will be just a fad as it's quite useful & versatile. I would love to make one but just like @Nomad, I don't feel confident I wouldn't mess it up lol
I'm interested in constructing a hydroponic garden at home. I haven't the space for it at the moment but I'm thinking it would be nice because theoretically the space can produce double or even triple the yield as a standard garden plot in the same dimensions.