How did you learn to sew?


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Here in the UK we have a program of 'Design Technology' which is taught in all secondary schools (13-16 year old's) and includes some domestic sciences such as Woodwork, Sewing/Textiles, Cooking and Electronics, and it offers students an opportunity to gain basic proficiency in some key skills they may need as they grow older.

I remember back in my schooling days, I quite enjoyed making light-crafts in Textile lessons such as cushions, bags, and once even a T-Shirt! I can definitely look back and attribute my basic skills in sewing (though I do admit I'm not very advanced!) to those lessons.

Did you do something similar in school? If not, where did your first sewing practice come from?
We had Home Economics class in Junior High School where we learned how to use sewing machines and how to cook. My parents bought me a sewing machine after I took that class and the store offered a free class on how to care for the machine and do some simple sewing.
I learned it as a part of the educational syllabus when I was in school. And that was kind of non optional. And all of us were asked to do that. I think it does develop some really good skill out of that.
I tried to learn how to sew lol My mom taught me then my husband (he's a good house-husband lol). But I never could get the knack for it. Maybe if I did it enough, but sewing was never my forte. Same with crocheting, knitting.
I learned sewing from Youtube and if I am an expert, I will apply for a job at a bridal shop in the Jakarta area.
My uncle that is a tailor taught me how to sew. It was a case of what I should do or not do, but I was glad I took the initiative to learn how to sew.
I learned to sew by self teaching with a lot of patience and research. Practiced a lot by sewing patches onto my battle jacket and then learned how to mend, darn, and repair stuff after that. More recently I finally learned how to use a sewing machine but I'd say I'm still very much an amateur.