Have you had any sewing injuries?


There's no work that doesn't come with a work hazard. My sister that's been into sewing for more than 5 years had her own work hazard the other where she didn't know and accidentally had her hand pierced by the machine sewing pin.

For those that's been in the sewing business, have you had any sewing injuries?
I myself have never had any major sewing incidents if I am honest. When hand sewing I may have accidentally caught my finger with the sewing needle but that is about it. My mum and also a few friends at school when we did sewing with machines at school in lesson did have injuries from the machines.
I've been fortunate in that I usually sew by hand and so the worst that's happened is being pricked by the needle which is no big deal. little anti-bacterial soap and a bandage and I'm fine.

I've been injured by other stuff though... got burned pretty bad by my soldering iron because I have a tendency to get focused on something and neglect rest when I'm working on it... tired + scalding hot things = no bueno. Took months for the scaring to heal.
No, I have always been careful of such injuries when I am using the machine. That is one of the safety measures that I apply.
I haven't had any serious injuries other than accidentally poking my finger. I try to always be careful but things can happen.
What do people do to reduce injuries? I think one way is to focus on your work. We tend to let our mind wander & don't pay attention to what we are doing.