Electric sewing machine Vs Traditional sewing machine


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My mom is more used to traditional sewing machine but my sister got her an electric sewing machine recently. Now she is facing issues with her work. I never thought it could be so different.
Do you guys have any ideas regarding how to get used to this electric sewing machine, when someone is used to manual sewing machine?

We already set the speed to the least value possible.
I must admit I am dreadful with traditional sewing - I can never thread the needle and then once I do, struggle with the actual process of sewing things together!

I prefer sewing machines with a middle-speed setting: I can use these fairly well
I would have to pick traditional sewing. It's the most original way but threading that needle in the tiny hole is very difficult without licking the material's end. It is also cheaper, and this type of sewing can be transformed into a hobby.
I think traditional sewing is a skill and lot more time intensive but if you are aged person that can be used to take some of your time and do something good. I'd say it's definitely worth as a skill. I'd recommend that.
I can't remember the last time I used the manual sewing machine for anything whatsoever. It's pure suffering sewing anything using the manual sewing machine. I got muscle pull when I used it last and that was it.
The electric sewing machine will definitely save you a lot of time when you are working on a huge project since you will have a little to do while achieving more at the end.
Tailors are not meant to still suffer themselves through using the old orthodox sewing machine. It's a very stressful way to make/sew clothes. Electric machine makes it very easy.
It's interesting that there are still people who prefer to use traditional sewing machines. I suppose if that's how you were taught to sew, you're going to be more comfortable using that over a electric one. My mother in law has a antique sewing machine that's powered by a pedal. It's in bad shape and needs to be restored so it's not in use right now.
It depends on what one is making. Traditional ones passed down from generation to generation can leave their mark when making products. Controlling it with a pedal can be easier than having an electric one that, while it is faster, can zip the fabric through faster than you would like it to!